What To Do Immediately After Car Accident

Directly after an automobile incident occurs, there may be any number of questions or concerns on your mind:

  • How will the damage to my car be covered?
  • How will this affect my income?
  • How will this affect my quality of life?

During this emotionally charged time, remembering a few important steps will help ensure the eligibility of any potential claims and protect your rights.

It is crucial to stay at the scene. By leaving the scene of an accident, you are taking on significant legal liability and could face hit-and-run driver penalties. After the safety of everyone involved has been verified, I recommend calling the police. A police report is a very powerful piece of evidence. Make sure to record the name and badge number of the officer who responds. Photographs taken directly after the incident are also a good indicator for determining the level of damage sustained. Next, exchange basic information with all parties, including any witnesses who may be present. Insurance providers need to be promptly informed to ensure coverage. Finally, a detailed medical record that traces all treatments, medications, and bills needs to be maintained. In the event of a trial, this evidence could help determine final compensation amounts.

Please contact The Law Office of Wolff & Wolff as soon as possible after any accident and we can help you with your property damage claim as well as the bodily injury claims.

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