What is a “work-related” injury?

These are injuries caused by workplace accidents or directly relating to the nature of a person’s occupation. Any injury sustained in the course of doing your job can potentially be a work-related injury and must be treated as one.

What benefits am I entitled to?

You are entitled to necessary medical testing and treatment, as well as rehabilitation services and prescription drugs. You may also be eligible for “wage and hour claims,” payments for time missed because of the accident and other considerations.

Who pays the Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

It is entirely paid by your employer.  It is illegal for your employer to charge an employee for workers’ compensation insurance.

How much of my wages are covered?

Your employer is responsible for recovering most of the wages lost during unplanned time off as the result of a work-related injury.

Can I sue my employer?

The workers’ compensation procedure only allows you to sue your employer in limited circumstances.  If you think that another party, not a co-employee, is potentially responsibility for your accident, you can file a lawsuit against them.

What if my employer refuses to report my injury?

You may report a claim directly to the insurer in this case and we will help you report your claim timely and accurately.

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